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The finish grading under the house is essentially supposed to match the grades prior to construction.  Visiting the site over the past two years, it was clear that the existing topography drained sufficiently well to the street.  Unfortunately, after excavation for the grade beams, my contractor hauled off a lot of earth to make more room to work on the site.  After leveling the remaining fill and adding 2″ of gravel cover, we are now approximately 2-4″ lower than the grades prior to construction.  More importantly, the grading is clearly lower than the adjacent grade where the future sidewalk will be.   This will need to be resolved as any large rainfall and/or street flooding will likely leave puddling under the house.  I think I will propose that we add 2″ of sand fill which should be cheaper than gravel, and also help to secure the gravel and fill all the voids preventing water from settling.