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Cladding is the exterior material of the building, in this case, fiber cement siding.  Fiber cement siding, aka “Hardie” Siding, is a lap siding, much like wood siding, but composed of a composite paper pulp and cement mixture.  The paper part makes it easier to cut, flexible, and lighter. The cement makes it more stable, durable, and resistant to moisture.  Its better than wood in terms of keeping your paint finish (it doesn’t swell in the heat and rain as much), but it seems more fragile.  If it remained unpainted for any period of time, especially in a rainy climate, I expect it would fall apart pretty quickly.  That being said, if kept well painted, it should last quite a long time, and painting will have to be done less frequently.  Plus, termites won’t eat it (I don’t think).

The cladding should usually be installed after all the windows are in place.  In this case, due to poor general management, the siding started getting put up prior to all the windows being in place.  Without going into a tirade about how this has frustrated me over the past week, let’s just say the results are less than desirable.  Corner boards are crooked, siding is uneven and not cut precisely.

However, after sleeping on it for a couple days, only a few of the mistakes are critical,  difficult to fix, and most aren’t readily apparent to any passerby.   I will upload pictures of some of these follies tomorrow, even though they are terribly un-enjoyable to view.  So, rated PG13.

As an aside, I applied for a water meter (a tie in to the city water supply) about 6 weeks.  Mysteriously last weekend they finally got around to coming out and installing it.  I didn’t get a chance to see it happen, but whats left is an iron cover in the future sidewalk and a pile of over-turned soil and old bricks.  I guess we now have access to water.  We also have a temporary electric pole.  Things are beginning to hum –

In the photos shown above, things are probably out of sequence.  Anything that looks messy or weird, is probably a mistake.  If you step back enough feet from the house though, all seems perfect!