I got behind.  Sorry.  Here are some of the progress shots from the past few weeks.  The most irritable occurrence: the windows and doors still aren’t all installed! The best part: the Studio and decking is almost complete.  Here is a quick bullet point summary:

decking – IPE brazillian decking, maybe an environmental no-no, but will last a very long time and therefore in someways very sustainable. The steps out of the same material are being installed today! No longer an obstacle to get in the house

Studio – all the metal cladding is installed.  Just waiting on the railings to complete all the metal work

Doors + Windows – about two thirds have been installed.  Remaining steps include: 2nd coat of epoxy, hardware, weatherstripping

Security System – almost installed, nice system called “SimpliSafe” (no contract necessary

Termite Shield – trimmed so it doesn’t stick out below the siding like “bunched up underwear (per Carlos or Joel’s description upon visiting the site)

Front Steps – poured in place concrete steps and parge coat applied over all (pretty close to correct dimensions – slightly off, hopefully no one notices)

Siding – loose pieces of Hardie were “pinned” in place with trim nails

Plumbing – the plumbing rough in has begun, but the plumber is waiting for me to order  valves, tubs, and water heater.  Who knew I needed to order those at this point?

HVAC – the ductless air conditioning system is started.  First steps included running small diameter copper wires to the future wall unit locations.  The exterior “condenser” has been installed on brackets on the outside of the house.  Kind of a beast in size, but at least its hidden from street view

Insulation – Spray foam installed in two days.  Open cell in walls and roof.  Closed cell under house and between window frames and rough openings.  They sprayed too much and now I dont have enough room for the electrical wires.  That’ll be a bit of a trick to figure out, probably not a huge deal – I hope!


Punchlist – the last remaining items on my GC’s list should be complete this week.  The only significant remaining parts within his scope are: plumbing, X-bracing at Studio, miscellaneous fixes and repairs.


Next steps: choosing colors so exterior paint can start. Finalize electrical plans so rough-in electrical can start !


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