IMG_2287 IMG_2288I guess things have gotten really slow.  The windows are still not complete, but they are coming along.  Most of the hardware has been put on.  A few of the doors and windows are “sticking.” WIthout going into a long thing, the lesson is, which I probably mentioned before, dont get custom windows and doors and have a regular contractor install them! Not practical – people point fingers at each other.

We also have been getting all the exterior painting done.  Picking colors is tough.  The house is too prominent on the corner to pick a really bold color.  I basically went with a gray, and am using accent colors at the entry and on the Studio building.

The hardest move was getting a “smooth” wall on the outside near the entry.  I probably should’ve used desnglass (exterior sheetrock) and taped and floated the seams.  I essentially had my painter do the same thing with Hardie board (cement board) but it may not work.  I think he painted it today, so Ill see it later, and you’ll see it in a month.

The plumbing rough in is complete, and the bathtub was framed in.  The shower kit was half installed – this is a “Shluter Kerdi” system.  Its a way to do a tile-in shower without having to use a “mud bed” and slope the surface by hand.  Its basically a high-density foam pad with a built it slope.  It is pre-cut with a hole for a pretty well designed drain system.

I included some nasty pictures of trim details and my broken window (New Year’s Eve) – kids!

Next steps: electrical rough-in and guardrails.  The guardrails are fabricated already, soon they’ll be moved to and finished on site.  They are steel tube frames wiht a corrugated metal panel on the face.  It should be cool I think? The finish will be a clear acrylic spray-on (Lowe’s for $4.50 a can), and the exterior will be done with a more expensive version of the same thing – Permalac. The goal is to preserve the raw metal appearance without letting it rust.  Stainless steel coud’ve worked but would’ve been expensive.  Aluminum also could’ve worked, but the fabricator didn’t think they’d be strong enough.

IMG_2312 IMG_2310 IMG_2309 IMG_2308 IMG_2303 IMG_2304 IMG_2314 IMG_2313 IMG_2311
The X-bracing on the Studio was installed. Stainless steel cables with turn-buckles to tighten them.  This will prevent the building from racking due to wind loads.  It also looks pretty cool.  ImageImageImageImageIMG_2232