Sheetrock is messy. Sheetrock is heavy.  Sheetrock is cheap.  Sheetrockers are cheap and fast.  Know what’s in your walls (plumbing, electrical) before you get the sheetrock put up, cause once they start, it quickly disappears.  All prep work: the straightness of the framing, the wires, the removal of debris of water bottles or whatever from the wall cavities, the everything! needs to be done before they come in.  They will not be logical, they will do nothing other than sheetrock, screw, and smoke cigarettes.  Lastly, get a dumpster.  Im realizing a bit late that although the sheetrockers said they could avoid needing a dumpster, its a good idea.  The house is getting so cluttered, Im worried that without a dumpster, something is going to get broken, or knocked with so much cr-p in the way.

Sheetrock specs:

1/2″ lightweight sheetrock for all.  5/8″ would’ve been used at ceilings if the framing were spaced further apart than 16″ o.c. All sheets are 4’x12′ to maximize continuity and minimize taping and floating of the seams.

1/2″ moisture resistant sheetrock (purple as seen in photos) at “wet walls.” In theory, the paint or tile should be the waterproofing layer.  If your sheetrock gets wet, whether its the purple or white, it probably wont fare well.  That being said, the purple has fiberglass facings rather than paper (which is the regular version) which should cut down on mold growth in case of water intrusion.

1″ long drywall screws.  They have flat heads and wide grooves with a thin stem to create maximum pull resistance.  The 1″ length should help avoid screw penetration into wires or plumbing which should be buried further in the wall.

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