Since May 31st (apparently) lots has happened. The cardboard on the floors for protection, and the boxes for all the fixture, have turned the house into a cardboard jungle.  Not so photogenic.  Here’s whats happened:




Interior Door + Knobs


Kitchen Cabinets (pains of this process omitted)


Closet Rods


Door Lock Repair (by Sarah the locksmith, better than the locksmith on Magazine St. or the “window guy”)


Guardrail wires (started, to be completed this week)


Fans, Lights, outlets, switches (just a few little missing pieces, a couple hours work)


Plumbing (some fixtures installed, one more good day of work left)




To be Done This Week:

Finally repair leaky fixed windows? (pray to your deities)


Handrails (interior and exterior in IPE wood by my friend Sunshine)


Hexagon Shelving/Guardrail (along edge of stair upstairs, also by Sunshine)


Plumbing Fixtures, Range, Microwave, and Dishwasher install (and inspection)


Refrigerator (Tuesday)


Electrical (punchlist + inspection)


HVAC (inspection)

Get Home Owner’s Insurance


City Building Inspection (Friday? Hopefully!)


Bank Inspection (Friday or Monday?)


Security System (by me!)




Next Week:


Turn on power + A/C


Move In!


Buff rusted railings + reinstall at exterior deck (this could take longer unfortunately, we’ll see though…)






Fence (late July install)


Shutters (early August install)


Furniture (huh…)


TV + Internet (huh…)





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