For any official reading this blog, this stair is to code.

2013-08-20 11.31.02


Here’s the beginning of the process.  I decided to share with y’all the plans this time as well.  General idea is to use laminated plywood sheets to create continuous stringers (the structural members at the side of a stair).  This type of shape would normally be done in steel, otherwise additional wall supports would be required under the landing at the bend in the “L”. Since there is no floor below the landing (because it’s open to the stair below), we opted for this path.  It should yield a visually light-weight form.  The treads will be notched into the stringer to hide their appearance from the side view. As the stair is behind the hexagon wall, I wanted to minimize the impact of it’s presence.  Ignore that there is no handrail/guardrail in the drawing – that will come into play a bit later.