Once you’re done building a house, you’ve likely expended all your money, for now and for the next 30 years.  So, selling out as often as possible is a good idea.  Air B+B works, in this case we sold out to Belvita breakfast biscuits who took over the house for a day to do a commercial shoot.  Haven’t seen the commercial yet, but it was an interesting process. They put up a fake wainscoting over the cable railings (I guess that didn’t fit the vision), they put all our furniture on the sidewalk, and they turned the backyard into an editing set, and lunch counter.  Here’s a few shots from that day.

I know there haven’t been any posts in forever, I expect there will only be a few more in total, and that will likely be in the spring once we’ve had a chance to put on a few finishing touches ourselves.  With contractors out of the picture, the rest will be up to us to figure out how to build/make.  Thanks for reading over the past year and a half! This has been a fun and therapeutic exercise! Until the next project….

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